The Amelie Fashion Mystery

This is a downloadable mystery activity, where learners are presented with a set of cards containing clues to answer a central focus question, in this case: “Does Amelie make it to the catwalk?”.

Learners will need to work together (in pairs or threes) and use various strands of mathematics to be able to make sense of the clues and come to a conclusion. The activity allows practice of thinking skills and mathematical process skills which are perhaps under used in text-book lessons, and for substantive dialogue between learners.

This activity has proved to be very engaging for KS4 and challenge-hungry KS3 students and won a TES runners-up prize for Best Secondary Lesson Plan (although it's an activity rather than a lesson plan).

The downloads are below. There are two different versions, one involving solving a quadratic and one where the learners glean the same information from a graph. Both versions can be introduced via the first slide of the PowerPoint and the graph is reproduced on the second page.

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Amelie Fashion Mystery PPT intro and graph.ppt
Amelie Fashion Mystery (visibility from formula).doc
Amelie Fashion Mystery (visibility from graph).doc