About your facilitator

Jake Mansell

I am the founder and director of Narrowing the Gaps Ltd, which exists to improve the educational outcomes and life chances of disadvantaged children and young people. This is achieved by working with teachers and schools to make classrooms more inclusive.

When I set up Narrowing the Gaps in 2011, I felt confident that I could support teachers to be much more inclusive by making a few tweaks to their everyday classroom practice. I have been privileged to work with many committed teachers since then who have made these changes and seen the difference that this approach makes to learners.

The changes to which I refer are not huge, or complex, or secret, or even new. But they are powerful, because they have the potential to impact on every lesson, day in, day out. I firmly believe that development of staff skills around inclusive teaching is far more effective than many one-off and time-limited interventions. This is true in the context of trying to address disadvantage gaps, but also in the current post-pandemic phase of recovery education.

I deliver engaging, interactive and practical INSET sessions that I would love to share with you and your school.